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ISPE Barrier Isolator Technology conference - Dec 4/5 1995, Rockville Maryland USA

Glove leak testing
Isolator leak testing

A3P Annual congress 1997

Isolator and glove leak testing

ISPE Aseptic Processing – May 20/21 1998, Victoria and Albert Hotel, Manchester UK

Potential bacterial release from the La Calhène rapid transfer port

PDA European conference Bazel, Switzerland Feb 23/25 1998

Evaluation of the potential bacterial contamination release from the La Calhène rapid transfer port when challenged with an airborne suspension of micro-organisms.

AUDIT 1A Antwerpen,Belguim 8 July 1998

Data on microbiological safety in the use of transfer systems.

ISPE European Seminar on barrier Isolation technology, Amsterdam, Netherlands Dec 6 1999

Methods of in process control for leak tightness of the enclosure, transfer systems and gloves.

ACOPHRA Journee Pharmacotechnie ,10 June 1999 France

Qualification de l'appareillage en isotechnie- plan de validation, quel maître d'œuvre ?

FORMUM CONTAMINEXPERT Paris, France March 17 1999

Performances et contrôles de l'étanchéité des isolateurs.

TWIM NORDIC Seminar Copenhagen, DENMARK 19 April 1999

Validation of isolators for sterility testing/Sterilisation techniques

KAYE USER MEETING UK 23/24th Oct 2002

Use of Kaye data acquisition systems for isolator qualification

A3P annual conference France 2002

Micro-biological validation of a glove leak tester

STERIS USER GROUPS 18.March.03 and 27.March.2003

Qualification of isolators using VHP sterilisation technology

AUDITS 12 Clermont Ferrand, 25.march.2003

Evolution au cours des cinq dernières années des exigences pour la qualification des isolateurs

Belgian Cleanroom Work club 17th Feb 2004

H2O2 decontamination of clean rooms and ducting


Overview of different gassing techniques and qualification of gassing isolators

Parenteral Society June 2007

Sporicidal gassing technology. Validated cycle examples for isolators.

Epizone meeting Leyistad, Netherlands April 2011

Bio-decontamination systems design and qualification for research laboratories.

Romyinox high purity day Vught NL 04 June 2014

The use of rapid transfer ports in separative enclosures and controlled environments

Contaminexpert Paris 31 March 2015

Test par aerosol des sytemes de transfert rapides


  • 1996 Patent application for a glove leak tester.
  • 1998 MSc thesis "Rapid transfer ports and their use in the Pharmaceutical industry".
  • 1999 Chapter on isolator technology for the textbook on pharmaceutical engineering "ϕ41", organized by L'Institute de Medicament de Tours, France.
  • 2002 ASPEC "qualifications isolateurs".
  • 2004 European journal of hospital pharmacy – "A decade of evolution in the application of isolator technology and bio-decontamination techniques in hospital pharmacies".
  • 2010 PDA Technical Report 51.
  • 2015 Test de confinement par aérosol des systèmes de transfert rapides
  • utilisés en isotechnie, salles propres et laboratoires de protection biologique


Optima 120 Alpha Port

1st production batch of the optima 120 alpha port.

Publication of Patent

Official publication of the Patent WO 2016/180839 for injection moulded beta flanges "Plastic container flange and door with compensation of injection tolerances."

Beta Bag Manufacturing

New agreement with Austar to develop a beta bag manufacturing capability using injection moulded beta flanges.


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