VHP Bio-Decontamination Cycle Development

Cape offers the following VHP cycle development services:

Development of VHP bio-decontamination cycles for:

  • VHP cycle development for new applications - Isolators, rooms, transfer hatches transfer chambers.
  • Improvement of existing validated VHP Bio-decontamination cycles to shorten overall cycle time, improve equipment utilization, increase capacity, improve operational reliability.

Cape Europe's VHP specialists have been involved with the application of VHP bio- decontamination since the introduction of the first VHP generator to the European market in 1989. We are internationally recognised experts.

The company has an extensive range of specialised test equipment. All our reference instruments are calibrated to ISO standards.

VHP Cycle development using a Bioquell generator for a filling line isolator
BSL3 research lab VHP cycle development
VHP cycle development for a safety cabinet
Placing Biological indictors in a sterility test isolator
VHP cycle development using a Bioquell generator for a keg transfer line
Development of a rapid gassing transfer hatch
VHP transfer lobby cycle development.


Optima 120 Alpha Port

1st production batch of the optima 120 alpha port.

Publication of Patent

Official publication of the Patent WO 2016/180839 for injection moulded beta flanges "Plastic container flange and door with compensation of injection tolerances."

Beta Bag Manufacturing

New agreement with Austar to develop a beta bag manufacturing capability using injection moulded beta flanges.


UK office re-locates to the Officers Mess, Duxford UK

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